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Yussupov Palace

Yussupov Palace

The Yussupov's Palace was constructed in the 18th century by J.-B. Vallain de la Motte. Later the interiors of the palace were reconstructed by the architects Mikhailov, Monighetti, Kennel and others.

The palace was owned by the Yussupov family almost for a century, since 1830 till 1917.

The White Column hall, the theatre, the Dancing hall, the Musical hall, the Moorish room remind of the Yussupovs' spectacular balls and soirees.

The palace is famous not only for its beautiful and well-preserved interiors. It is connected with the murder of Rasputin, and after the tour around the palace visitors are taken to the small room where the scene of the murder is presented. It's here that Rasputin was poisoned by Felix Yussupov and his friends.

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