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Evgeny Gindper

Evgeny Gindper is incredibly bright, distinctive painter.

Gindper was born in 1949 in Leningrad. He graduated the Serov Art College. In soviet time Gindper participated in numerous underground "apartment" exhibitions. He was among the founders of the Association of Experimental Fine Arts.

Gindper's artistic work is amazingly diverse. He paints bright colours of autumn, transparent blue of Saint-Petersburg sky, lyrical forest landscapes, creates paintings on the Bible themes filled with deep feeling and tragic philosophical works.

Evgeny Gindper is a true Petersburgian, his artistic work in inseparable from the image of the city. Living in the center, in Petrograd district, Gindper every day goes out of his house to walk along the familiar streets and embankments. The Petrograd Side, Vassilievsky Island, Malaya Nevka, St.Isaac's Cathedral and Peter and Paul Fortress, the Stony Island and TsPKO - all this we often see and unmistakably recognize in his paintings.

In his cityscapes the painter often rises above the city, depicting from a height his favorite houses and embankments. We see on his canvases magic, fairy, and at the same time, surprisingly realistic, live Saint-Petersburg.

Gindper's landscapes are filled with light. The painter loves bright paints, whether it is yellow and ginger colours of autumn, red walls of Peter and Paul Fortress, or azure-blue sky...

To be continued...


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